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Nicholas "Bigbee" Perkins, II (1779-1848)
Married his 1st cousin Mary Harden Perkins, 1808. Arrested Aaron Burr & took him to Richmond, VA for trial. Helped write State Constitution of Alabama.

Death notice from the 1848 Western Weekly Review, Franklin, TN
Major NICHOLAS PERKINS died January 6, 1848, "one of our most distinguished citizens." [In William K. Wall's DESCENDANTS OF NICHOLAS PERKINS OF VIRGINIA, Ann Arbor, 1957, pages 126-127, it is noted that Major Perkins was born in Pittsylvania Co., Va., March 14, 1779; died Jan. 6, 1848; married Mary Harden Perkins (1794-1840), Jan. 28, 1808; father of eleven children. It was he who arrested Aaron Burr for treason in 1807. He was a first cousin of Colonel Nicholas Tate Perkins, also of Williamson County.]

Mary Hardin Perkins 1794-1840
Nee Mary Harden Perkins. Married her 1st cousin, 1808. 12 children.

I found this post on Genforum:

Since I last posted on the Perkins Family Genealogy Forum I have researched my family in the William K. Hall book, "Descendants of Nicholas Perkins of Virginia."

I have also found mentions of Perkins and Burr in Milton Lomask's book, "Aaron Burr: The Conspiracy and Years of Exile 1805-1836." So I think I can clear up the Burr-Perkins connection now.

My ancestor, Nicholas "Bigbee" Perkins, b. 3-14-1779, Pittsylavian Co., VA, was mentioned in both of the above books as being instrumental in the arrest of Burr (Hall, p. 127; Lomask, pp. 222-225). Hall states, "It was while living there [the Mississippi Territory]that he [Bigbee Perkins] apprehended Aaron Burr in Feb. 1807." Lomask states, "Gaines [a lieutenant at Fort Soddert] announced that he had not arrested Burr 'militarily,' that the onus for that action rested on the shoulders of Nicholas [Bigbee] Perkins. Perkins accepted the burden with pleasure."

This Nicholas (Bigbee)Perkins married Mary Harden Perkins; their son, Philip Gaspard Stiver Perkins (1818-1881), was my great, great,grandfather on my father's maternal side.The Hall book has been a great help. Thanks to all who have mentioned it.
Bette Hill


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