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Please see if you can get a GPS # on the site of the capture.
With Burr, it's best not to have any opinions.[Today, you're dealing with a lot of Yankees who think he was the "NEXT COMING"]
The important thing is that he was caught here and that the only reason he was caught was due to the heroic effort of Nicholas "Bigbee" Perkins.
Don't worry about the public schools. Alabama History has been banned in all Alabama high schools for ten years so that should give you an idea of where the message of our heritage is found in the public schools.
Tonight, I'm gonna tune up this thread and send it to some newspapers in Mississippi. All the important events of THE BURR WAR
occurred in Mississippi so somebody over there might get interested. The capitol of the Mississippi Territory was Washington, Mississippi which is located about 7 miles east of Natchez. It was away from the river and had a great spring to provide fresh water so the powers that be moved the seat of government there.
Some good sources which you may be able to get from Mobile libraries:
http://www.jstor.org AARON BURR IN MISSISSIPPI The Journal of Southern History, Vol. 15, No. 1(Feb., 1949), pp. 9-21
The Burr Conspiracy by Thomas Perkins Abernathy (1954), pp. 220-235.
The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines (1998), pp. 142-145.
JEFFERSON'S VENDETTA by Joseph Wheelan(2005), pp. 1-9.
AARON BURR: Conspiracy to Treason by Buckner F. Melton, Jr.(2002), pp.149-165.
AARON BURR: The Proud Pretender by Holmes Alexander(1937),270-279.
AARON BURR: Portrait of an Ambitious Man, 272-285.
AARON BURR: The Conspiracy and Years of Exile 1805-1836, 210-225.

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From: "Ellen" To: Subject: Aaron BurrDate: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 11:56:38 -0600
Dear Mr. Register,
Mrs. McCutcheon contacted me about your interest in a Burr article in view of the upcoming 200th anniversary of his capture here in Washington County. My publisher has already requested that I do an article/feature on Burr for our Feb. 15 edition. And she forwarded your email.
I surely agree with you that this was a "brush with history" for this local area; and one with which the local school system has not really done much, in my opinion. Are you aware that there is an old piece of tin, no longer legible at the "spot" where Burr was captured on Feb. 19, 1807. A member of our Washington County Historical Society has placed a granite marker there as well. (1995)
If you subscribe to Alabama Heritage, there is a good article on Burr in the latest, Winter issue. I found your account of the 2-4-07 trial in Washington, Mississippi Territory fascinating. None of the sources I contacted gave that information. I assume you do mean, Washington County, Mississippi Territory (as several counties were eventually carved out of that large area)?
The more I read of Burr, the more sympathetic I find myself becoming. He and Hamilton disagreed over monetary systems; and time may prove Burr correct on that.
So many questions about Burr cannot be answered because of his papers being lost in the shipwreck off the coast of NC when his daughter was carrying them with her.
Ellen Williams


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